Научное Обозрение
Murtazaev S-A.Y., Bataev D.K-S, Abdullaev A.M., Saydumov M.S., Alaskhanov A.K.
High-strength cement composites using complex additives based on nanostructured mineral components (eLIBRARY)
Strokova V.V., Zhernovsky I.V.
Development of the concepts of raw materials selection for the production of building composite materials (eLIBRARY)
Gladkikh V.A., Korolev E.V., Khusid D.L.
Structure formation and physical and mechanical properties of sulfur modified by primary nanomaterials (eLIBRARY)
Zubekhin S.A., Yudovich B.I.
On the paradox of S. V. Shestoperov and the new approach to hardening and properties of nanomodified Portland cement (eLIBRARY)
Fedorova G.D., Baishev K.F., Skryabin A.P.
Graphene oxide as a promising nanomaterial for cement composites (eLIBRARY)
Makarova N.V.
Nanomodifiers impact on the resistance of concrete to abrasive wear (eLIBRARY)
Вестник МГСУ
Korolev E.V.
Nanotechnologies in materials and components science (eLIBRARY)
Pukharenko Y.V., Ryzhov D.I., Staroverov V.D.
Peculiar properties of structural formation of cement composites in the presence of fueleroid type carbon nanoparticles (eLIBRARY)
Samchenko S.V., Zemskova O.V., Kozlova I.V.
Model and mechanism of carbon nanotube stabilization with plasticizer based on polycarboxylate (eLIBRARY)
Solonina V.A., Zimakova G.A., Baianov D.S., Sharko P.V., Zelig M.P.
Synthesis of structures of cellular-concrete composites with nanosized components (eLIBRARY)
Промышленное и гражданское строительство
Buslov A.S., Bakulina A.A., Burmina E.N., Sheshunov N.V., Murog I.A.
Technological and Strength Efficiency of Geopolymeric “Daubing Itself” Technology when Piling (eLIBRARY)
Строительные материалы
Potapov V.V., Grushevskaya E.N., Leonovich S.N.
Modification of Materials on the Basis of Cement with Hydrothermal Nano-Silica (eLIBRARY)
Inozemtsev A.S., Korolev E.V.
Comparative Analysis of Influence of Nanomodification and Micro-Dispersed Reinforcement on the Process and Parameters of Destruction of High-Strength Lightweight Concrete (eLIBRARY)
Bogdanov A.N., Abdrakhmanova L.A., Khozin V.G.
Modification of Brick Loams with Multi-Layer Carbon Nano-Tubes for Production of Wall Ceramics (eLIBRARY)

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