Doctor of Material Science, PhD (Chem.), Professor of department of binders and concretes MGSU, Head of the Sector for structural concrete durability at the Scientific Research Institute for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete after A.A. Gvozdev (NIIZhB) in Scientific Research Center "Consrtruction", the full member of the Russian Engineering Academy and the International Academy of Engineering.
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Representative of the International Union of Experts and Laboratories in the field of construction materials, systems and structures - RILEM in the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, fellow member of RILEM. Head of the Russian National Delegation to the International Federation for Concrete Structures. Member of the American Institute of Concrete and Technical Committees ACI 238 "Concrete" and ACI 241 "Nanotechnology in concrete".

Member of the editorial board of the journal "Structural Concrete", «Industrial and Civil Engineering", "Concrete and reinforced concrete", "Nanotechnology in Construction", "Bulletin of Science and Education of the North - West of Russia."

The author of more than 350 scientific papers and 70 patents. Main research interests - special binders and concrete, concrete durability issues, nanotechnology in construction, composites, the challenges of sustainable development.

Laureate of the Russian Federation Government Award in Science and Technology. Honorary builder of Russia.

He was awarded the Medal of the Order "Merit for the Fatherland" II degree, the medal "850 years of Moscow", the Order "Engineering Glory", medals of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR and a number of honorary signs.

Conference Organizers:

Moscow State University of Civil Engineering
Regional Group of the International Union of Experts and Laboratories on Testing Construction Materials, Systems, and Structures - RILEM
RUSNANO Fund for infrastructural and educational programs
Комитет РСС по науке и инновационному развитию строительной отрасли

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«Nanotechnologies in Construction: A Scientific Internet-Journal»